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Anxiety to Calm for Youth

Everyone experiences anxiety at times. Our body may react with our breath getting faster, heart beating faster and we may even sweat. Once things are safe, our bodies return to normal. If they don’t then we may feel stressed, anxious, worried or overwhelmed. This workshop will provide the skills we all need to decrease our anxiety.

Alberta Anxiety to Calm for Youth™ is a simple, positive, empowering workshop. It is a free six-week workshop for youth ages 13-17 run by mental health professionals. Anxiety to Calm teaches low-tech and low-cost skills that are accessible to everyone who:

  • struggles with anxiety
  • has had anxiety stop them from doing their usual activities
  • is held back from living their best life
  • wants to learn proven skills that will help them manage their anxiety

Anxiety to Calm for Youth focuses on three key areas of learning:

  • Find Calm: practice exercises to help manage anxiety
  • Challenge Yourself: designed to challenge your thoughts, behaviors and emotions
  • Live Well: learn healthy lifestyle choices that will benefit you for years to come

Quick Facts:

  • Workshop Delivery - 2 hours per week for 6 weeks
  • Designed for youth ages 13-17
  • Flexible Delivery - available for free, in-person or online
  • In previous evaluations, 100% found the program to be a positive experience

At this time, all in-person group workshops are limited in size to maintain safe social distancing. If you are registering for an in-person workshop, we do require continuous masking during the workshop.



Anxiety to Calm for Youth Participant manual.

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