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Best Weight

The Best Weight workshop is ideal for those with excess weight that desire healthy weight reduction through sustainable dietary and lifestyle behaviour changes to improve physical and emotional health.

Our Best Weight workshop is comprehensive workshop that is delivered over two sessions that are 2-hours each.  Each session will provide education and actionable strategies to work toward self-management in achieving and maintaining your Best Weight.

At this time, all in-person group workshops are limited in size to maintain safe social distancing. If you are registering for an in-person workshop, we do require continuous masking during the workshop. 

Workshop Agenda and Learning Outcomes

Your Best Weight

  • Understand the Best Weight philosophy.
  • Understand what factors determine body weight.
  • Identify personal areas for behaviour change.

The Biology of Weight

  • Understand how obesity is a chronic and complex disease.
  • Understand how the body regulates weight.
  • Understand how chronic dieting impacts our weight and health.

Food and Eating Behaviours for Your Best Weight

  • Learn and identify your healthy food choices.
  • Learn healthy portion sizes and strategies to help normalize them.
  • Learn about mindful eating and strategies to implement this behaviour.
  • Learn sustainable dietary patterns that are research supported to improve health.
  • Learn strategies to reduce calorie intake without a restrictive dieting approach.

Lifestyle Behaviours for Your Best Weight

  • Learn the impact of exercise, sleep, and stress on weight.
  • Learn the health benefits and recommendations for exercise for weight loss and maintenance.

Body Image, Readiness, and Goal Setting

  • Learn ways to manage body image and body dissatisfaction concerns.  
  • Understand the stages of change and identify your current stage.
  • Learn the benefits of small goals and strategies to set meaningful goals for success.
  • Identify your personal risks for setbacks (lapse) and learn strategies for planning and prevention. 

Your “Best” weight is achieved when you focus on healthy and enjoyable behavioural changes that improve your overall quality of life.
The weight you achieve through these changes is considered your “best” weight.
- Obesity Canada

NOTE: The Best Weight workshop is not appropriate for those with eating disorders. Unsure if you may have an eating disorder or struggle with disordered eating behaviours? Learn more here.


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