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Healthy Eating

Are you looking to learn more about nutrition and healthy eating for yourself or your family? Do you find yourself relying on google or other social media sources for nutrition information? If you have questions on the latest nutrition trends and want the facts without marketing spins, this is the class for you!

Our Healthy Eating Workshop is an information packed 2-hour interactive discussion-based workshop. 

Our Registered Dietitian will take you on a journey covering important nutrition topics such as:

  • The foundations and benefits of a healthy diet and active lifestyle
  • The biology of body weight and how to interpret waist circumference and BMI
  • The facts on common nutrition myths, fads and beliefs
  • Strategies to address healthy eating challenges and barriers
  • How to create balanced meals in healthy portions
  • Eating frequency principles to fuel your body with steady energy throughout the day

If you struggle with emotional eating or can’t seem to change problematic eating habits, you may be interested in our Craving Change program (check the Emotional Well-being section of our Workshops page for more information)!

If you are having technical difficulties with registering online, please call 403-931-5121 for assistance.


  • Please read the confirmation email you will receive thoroughly as it contains the online workshop link and other important information.
  • Your partner/spouse or support person is welcome to attend this workshop with you. In addition to registering yourself, you will need to complete a separate registration form for them now.


  1. AHS Quick and Easy Meals
  2. Food Guide
  3. Healthy Eating Principles

Upcoming Sessions

Wed, Dec. 16, 2020