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Back 2 Health

Back 2 Health is a program that includes 4 classes and one phone follow-up, with a focus on what works, what doesn’t and how to help yourself manage low back pain. Each class is 2 (for a total of 8 hours).

NOTE: The 4 classes are back to back weekly and then there will be a follow up phone call between yourself and one of the facilitators,

three months after the start of the workshop (called Back 2 Practice).

What is in it for you? You will learn the latest and greatest information and develop new skills you can apply to your life. You will have the opportunity to learn what could be impacting the pain you are feeling, and how you can manage this with concepts and tools that have been widely researched. We will cover the following topics:

How your brain is involved in pain
How to move with more ease
Some basic muscle and mind relaxation techniques
Core exercises and when to use them
How to make a plan to manage your life if pain is present


Video: About Low Back Pain, Explaining Your Pain 

Acute Vs Chronic Low Back Pain 

You may also be interested in our Low Back Pain resources in the Patient Resources section of our website.

Please note: this workshop is only available to participants within the SCPCN's boundaries (anything south of Anderson Rd. SE or if your family physician is a member of SCPCN).

If you are having technical difficulties with registering online, please call 403-931-5121 for assistance.

In light of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic and in the interests of public safety, we will be postponing all South Calgary PCN workshops/classes until further notice.

If you are registered for a workshop/class, whether it has already started or is scheduled to start in the coming weeks, your spot will be held for you. We will be contacting you when we have information on when workshops/classes will resume.

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